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About Us

It didn't always look like this. We started, in a room somewhere in the heat of a Delhi summer, a gifting business. We were making small potions of Rosewater mixes for our clients which was when we got the inspiration to start something. We saw the joy on their beautiful faces when they were using something homegrown instead of a company-manufactured product, and we decided to take a leap of faith and jumped into a business of what now has almost 125+ products. 

We at Love Earth, work with one thing in mind- getting the best for everyone. We get you the best products at the most affordable prices from the best of the places. Our wide-ranging products, from the handpicked leaves of our teas to our natural organic ingredients-filled skin products, make it our mission to make sure that you get the most amazing skincare. 

And it is not just that we are organic at the core, we also are proud to tell you that we have got all the best certifications and licenses that you have out there. There is a way to be good, and we firmly believe in doing good the right way. We follow all the rules and we make sure all the efforts that we put in our work reflect on your face. LITERALLY! It will reflect on your face!

We are also a cruelty-free brand. In today’s modern world, it is not just a product that we are selling. We are here to provide you with a better lifestyle. A better and healthier lifestyle. And we make sure that our customer’s beliefs are reflected in us, a brand they are choosing. We assure you that the testing is done according to the safe standard protocols and never on any animals for months. And then we send it around to some of our media friends who use it and give us the most honest review they can. 

When you choose to buy a product from our company, you show faith in us. And we value that. That is one of the things that drives our zeal to put our back into it and get you the best care at the most affordable price. 

A part of our profits go to the orphan kids in Ghaziabad and we want you to know that. Not because we want to publicize our company’s reputation. But because you deserve to know where your money goes, and you deserve to feel good about it. Feeding orphan kids who have no one else in the world gets you into a spiritual space where you did something good today. That you are not doing something vain but helpful and truly good. And it gives those children a beaming light of hope that they do matter! That there are people in this world who care about them. 

So, we hope that you have a good time if you are on this website for the first time. We hope that you come back real soon. And if you are a returning customer, then welcome back! We hope it’s going all right!