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Bed Linen Spray – Lavender

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Well, you are right!! No one wants one of those stinky bedsheets. And that’s why you are a genius because you are here buying our Love Earth Bed Linen Spray. This fierce product of ours eliminates germs and all sorts of foul odour. It also dries quickly. And on top of that, it is very travel-friendly. It comes with a beautiful Lavender fragrance which helps in making your surroundings breathable.

This product of ours can be used on all soft furniture like sofas, curtains, bedsheets, pillows, etc. You are going to finally have a safe and sound sleep tonight after a few sprays of this. Enjoy, you beautiful human.

  • AQUA
  • The benefits of lavender oils are that they are anti-anxiety and sleep aids. They have mood enhancement, and anti-bacterial properties along with insect repellent, and laundry aid, which help relax the mind and body. You create a relaxing atmosphere in your home every day by misting your home and bedding.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil boosts immunity, fights infections, reduces anxiety and relieves insomnia. It also eliminates airborne bacteria that are lingering in your bedsheets.
If you have a pet, and if that tiny little ball of fur has a habit of leaving its essence everywhere, then this spray is going to be your best friend. Our Love Earth Bed Linen Spray can get rid of all the bad odours your baby pet leaves behind.

A Gentle Reminder
If you are applying the product on some sheets or a fabric that has a running colour then make sure to spray from a distance.
Bed Linen Spray – Lavender
Bed Linen Spray – LavenderM.R.P   Sale priceRs. 249.00