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Love Earth - Ball Tea Infuser

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This Love Earth Ball Tea Infuser of ours is very efficient to use. If you want to make some tea but don’t want to be bothered with all that tussle of traditional water boiling and then the whole process, then this is your best friend. Our infuser is completely hassle-free and very easy to clean. It is also small in size and travel-friendly. This is made from stainless steel.

Direction to use
  • Unfasten the clasp to open the mesh ball.
  • Scoop 1 tablespoon or the desired quantity of Tea Leaves into the ball.
  • Close the Mesh Ball and place it inside a teacup. 
  • Add hot boiled water over the infuser and steep to your liking.
  • When your Tea is ready, remove the Mesh Ball and keep the leaves and the ball aside.
  • You can clean out the residual contents to reuse the Mesh Ball.
You can use our Organic Green Tea leaves available on our website. The best part about the leaves is that they can be reused up to three times. Isn’t it awesome!!? Go Shop them now!!
Love Earth - Ball Tea Infuser
Love Earth - Ball Tea InfuserM.R.P   Sale priceRs. 249.00